Financial guidance for every stage of life

Helping you maximize and protect what you've worked so hard for

Be proactive.

Maximizing and protecting your
finances starts with a preparation.

Enjoy your life.

Having financial clarity helps to  create
peace of mind and confidence.

Protect your future.

Keeping your money aligned with
your goals is the key to security.

Managing your finances shouldn’t be so complicated.

You've worked hard to earn a living, and you deserve to enjoy your life now and have financial security moving forward. Unfortunately, most people aren't on the right track because they've put their financial wellness on the back burner, and they don't know who to listen to or trust for impartial financial guidance. The good news is, it doesn't have to be that way.

Here at E. Grey Capital Group, we help our clients figure out where they are, where they’re trying to go, and evaluate all the possible paths to get there. Our job is not to sell anything, but rather to learn about each client's situation, goals, and values, and then empower them with the information and resources they need in order to make wise financial decisions with clarity and confidence. Whether you've done a lot of financial preparation over the years or none at all, we'd be honored to meet you where you are and help you maximize and protect your money moving forward.

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A little about our founder...

  • Based in Oklahoma City and serving clients throughout the state
  • Specializing in financial strategies, investments, retirement planning, and life insurance
  • Serving pre-retirees and retirees, executives and professionals, and business owners
  • Married with two sons
  • Motivated by making a difference and problem solving with clients

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No matter what stage of life
you’re in, we’re here to help.

Accumulation Phase

  • Typically ages 20 to 50
  • During the accumulation phase, most people are earning a living, raising a family, and starting the process of building a nest egg for the future. Some of the common services we provide during this stage of life include:
    • Comprehensive financial strategies
    • Investments
    • Life and disability insurance
    • College Planning
    • And more

Transition Phase

  • Typically ages 50 to 60
  • If you’re still working full time in your career, but you’re getting closer to retirement and thinking about it more, you’re in the transition phase. The decisions you make in this phase determine when and how well you will retire. Some of our common services include:
    • Retirement planning
    • Insurance and annuities
    • Investments
    • Long Term Care Planning/Insurance
    • And more

Retirement Phase

  • Typically ages 60 and beyond
  • You worked hard your entire career and the retirement phase is the time to enjoy life and spend time doing what you love with the people you care about most. Some of our common services include:
    • Estate planning
    • Asset protection
    • Charitable gifting
    • Retirement Income Strategies
    • And more

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Our Holistic Process

At E. Grey Capital Group, our holistic approach ensures that integrity, transparency, and communication always remain front of mind. We understand that each client’s strategy is tailored and unique to their specific goals and objectives. With this understanding, we hold integrity to the highest standard, practice transparency with each and every client and execute communication so everyone involved in your strategy always remains on the same page. Our primary goal is to create a lifelong relationship with you and to provide the absolute highest level of satisfaction for years to come.

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